Gainesville Music Association Membership

After more than two years building, borrowing, and providing free resources in Gainesville, we've decided we're ready to provide a paid membership that delivers a great value, is accessible to as many artists as possible, and aligns with our mission to help musicians do business.


Your member ship includes (estimated annual value in parentheses):

  • Admission to monthly workshop ($120)
  • Featured performance in Gainesville Music Association Artist Showcase (paid gig)
  • Complimentary 12 Month Premium Membership at DIYT™ - Do It Yourself Together ($59.88)
  • Complimentary Regional Tour Package setup at Bandturo ($99)
  • Bootcamp courses on the following:
    • Website design ($100)
    • Video planning, production, and editing ($100)
    • Recording and Mixing ($100)
    • Goal development, tracking, and analysis ($100)
    • Marketing strategy, setup, and production ($100)
    • Tour booking and management ($100)
  • One on demand merch item design, and perpetual manufacturing and order fulfillment [You can sell a tshirt or something through us without having to pay up front for a big order of them.] (Design $5-100, Fulfillment ~$300 savings)
  • Access to video and audio recording and mixing equipment (~$1,200)
  • Recurring interview on "Exceptional" by Gainesville Music Association series
  • Feature in DIYT blog
  • Guest feature on Eclipse Window Music Manager Podcast
  • 20% discount on Bandturo's Artist Development Package ($357.60)
  • Other random perks as they arise

Total estimated annual value: ~$2,836.48

Click here to sign up now.

You will be taken to the DIYT site to complete sign-up, but don't worry--it's still us.