Tech Start-Ups

Gainesville Music Association the grand shift of the music industry toward an electronic one, and is currently proving tech concepts that are helping all legs of this $15B-a-year giant pivot.

Bandturo is the automatic tour booking system. Save months worth of booking and paper pushing time with our super-stacked process and national industry network.

Investor info: Founder - Martin Gawlak, BAS Organizational Management, ΣOM, Fall-Spring Intern - Onward Development, Tour survivor
Company - (+)Proof of concept (+)$100,000 ($300,000 max) STEMReady grant access site (+)Secured incubation (+)500,000+ market (+)Active users (+)<$10 CAC (+)$99+ LCV (+)Books in black (+)100% customer retention

DIYT™ - Do It Yourself Together is the most affordable and useful community and directory for independent musicians in the world. It is continuously updated with active contacts for booking concerts, arranging local support, and reaching out to radio and press for maximum artist exposure.

Gainesville Music Association top secret tech project

Lion Share Music - TBA, in funding and development

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